About Us

Let us be superheroes for a day. Not only will we stop time for you, but we will also become invisible photographers during your wedding day, capturing moments that you might even think never happened.

As you can see, we dedicate all our passion and love to each and every one of our weddings, making all our photo shoots a unique and unrepeatable project. Your project.

After more than 10 years as wedding photographers, we can assure you that our photography goes beyond just putting together a few beautiful photos. We want you to have the best story ever told of your big day.

Our photography is not the most conventional in the world of wedding photography. In fact, we always like to state that we are not wedding photographers but photographers of couples, that we love to capture your emotions, accomplice looks, mischievous smiles, and those little gestures that go unnoticed for most people but that actually hide the essence of each one of you for us. All this has led us to be recognized as the best wedding photographers in the world according to the most prestigious directories in the world.

Víctor Lax: biography

Víctor Lax, world's leading wedding photographer

Víctor Lax has dedicated most of his life to photography and together with Erika they constitute Lax Photography.

With more than ten years as a wedding photographer, Victor has become one of the major references in wedding photography. In fact, he has been repeatedly ranked as the best wedding photographer in the world by the world’s most prestigious associations.

Victor’s style is unique and personal, and he has been able to capture better than anyone else the light, atmosphere, and unrepeatable moments of each of the couples he has photographed throughout his career.

Erika: biography

Lover of artistic photography, design, and architecture.

Erika is 50% of Lax Photography and together with Victor Lax they form one of the most prestigious wedding photography teams in the world.

Erika loves perfection and excellence. She specializes in capturing unique and unrepeatable moments, her eyes find art where no one else sees it.

Without a doubt Erika has taken wedding photography to the top thanks to her unique vision and her personal way of working. Erika has been recognised as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the moment.

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