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Why would we tell you about it if you can see it with your own eyes? When they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, there’s a reason. So, before we explain how we do our wedding photo shoots, it’s best that you check them out:

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Best of 2023

Around the world as a wedding photographer On December 31st, last year marked the conclusion of an extraordinary 2023 for us as a wedding photographers. It was a year filled with successes both in our professional career and in our personal lives. Over these 12 months, we had the privilege …

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Paul & Brodie | New Zealand Wedding

New Zealand Destination wedding. I perfectly remember the day Paul & Brodie contacted us. First as I received their request, I quickly called Erika and told her; Look, New Zealand!For a second I thought and said to myself; wow!, a wedding in New Zealand. We quickly organized a video call …

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Tuisha & Gaurav | Indian wedding | Da nang | Vietnam

Indian Destination wedding in Vietnam. It may seem predictable, but if someone had told me at that first wedding I photographed that years later I would have the opportunity to photograph a Hindu wedding in Vietnam I would not have believed it. Let’s start telling this beautiful story from the …

Puglia wedding, Destinatio wedding in Puglia, Puglia wedding photographer, Best Puglia wedding photographer
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Claudia & Vincenzo | Puglia wedding

Destination wedding in Puglia. I often tell Erika that Italy is like our second home. It is probably the country we have visited the most and it may seem a bit presumptuous to say that we know Italy quite well. We have not only visited Italy for weddings but it …

Castell de Bendinat, Castell de Bendinat wedding, Castell de Bendinat Mallorca, Mallorca wedding photographer, Best wedding photographer in Mallorca
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Jess & Cons | Castell de Bendinat, Mallorca.

A Gorgeous destination wedding at Castell de Bendinat in Mallorca. It’s time to show you a super beautiful wedding that Erika and I photographed at Castell de Bendinat in Mallorca.  Jess & Cons, a lovely Filipino-German couple chose Mallorca as the venue for their wedding. Choosing Mallorca was not a …

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Charlène & Diede | Kasteel van Leeuwergem | Belgium wedding

Our dream came true, we photographed our first wedding in Belgium! During the last few years, Erika and I have photographed many Belgian couples in our country. Most of them had chosen Mallorca for their wedding. So when Charlène and Diede contacted us to ask us to photograph their wedding in Belgium, …

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Looking back 2021

  <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>     I’ve thought a few times about how to start writing this text and I’m still not sure if this is the right one. I’m not going to deny it, photos are my thing, not words. I …

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100 Fearless Awards by Víctor Lax

Time flies! It seems like only yesterday that I was invited to join Fearless Photographers. It’s been almost 10 years and it feels like it’s only been a few years. For those of you who don’t know what Fearless Photographers is, perhaps I should start by saying that Fearless is …

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Daniela & Pasquale / Reggio di Calabria / Wedding in Italy

It´s time for  antoher destination wedding in Italy!, Its time to visit Reggio di Calabria! The main characters of this beautiful love story are, our dear Daniela & Pasquale, a South Italian wedding photographers couple who bring to us one of the most funny, emotiona Italian wedding. Life is full …

Wedding photo shoots on another level

We always want to go one step further. To bring another look and essence to weddings. We like to give our personal approach to each snapshot and the very best thing is that year after year you keep trusting us to make the wedding photo shoot of your dreams. 

We don’t mind where, in fact, we have always loved to travel and join you on your adventure: We aim to tell your story, to see, feel and capture the essence of your celebration, wherever you do it.

Knowing how to shoot a wedding is not just about pressing a button. Capturing the beauty of the moment also depends on the eyes that look at it behind a lens and ours are used to looking for that magical moment.

Choose where you want to get married and we will be there

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Original wedding photo shoots

In addition to taking photos of the celebration, we can also take the most original wedding photo shoots. We go wherever the imagination takes us, if you want to join us, maybe your wedding photos will go further.

We are proud to have won many awards and to be among the best wedding photographers in Spain and the world, and we want to continue to be so! If you want a unique wedding photo shoot, contact us without obligation and share your story with us.

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