The big question on everyone's mind, but there is no fixed answer: it depends. The budget to hire a wedding photographer will depend on many things, for example the photographer's cache, his experience, or the services you hire. The best way to know a specific quote is to ask and agree on it. Do you want to know ours without obligation? Contact us and Erika and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Borders are not a problem for us, we love to travel and you are going to set the limit.

Although we are wedding photographers in Spain we love to travel to your wedding. The limits are often set by the imagination so, if you want us to be your wedding photographers, just contact us and stop imagining.

A wedding photographer should go unnoticed among the people attending the wedding, therefore the colors chosen should be neutral and the attire should be appropriate for the event. Don't worry, we do have the ability to become invisible.

Having knowledge of photography is basic to successfully develop the profession, but passion and taste will help you to achieve a higher level in the shots you take. If you want, you can enjoy a wedding photography tutorial with victorlax.net in which we will teach you everything we know.

Choosing the best wedding photographer for your day can be easier than it seems. First, try not to stick to just one option, check the portfolio of different photographers and choose the ones you like the most. Once you have a selection, order by priority, and check budget and availability for your wedding date, but do it in advance!

This can be somewhat subjective, as in the end art also depends on perception. However, both Erika and I are very proud to say that we are, thanks to our awards, among the best wedding photographers in Spain and the world, and we aim to remain so!

If you like our style and want to have an unforgettable and unique memory, do not wait a second. Contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.