Looking back 2021




I’ve thought a few times about how to start writing this text and I’m still not sure if this is the right one. I’m not going to deny it, photos are my thing, not words.
I had to watch a few times this slideshow (that Erika has made) to find the inspiration I needed. I’m not going to deceive you, I haven’t counted the number of times I’ve already seen it and each time I think I’ve laughed and cried in equal parts.
I’m not going to hide, it hasn’t been an easy year. A year full of peaks and valleys. A year where at times I thought everything was going to hell and a year where at times we saw the light at times. After all, that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? Some say that to savour the great moments, you first have to live through other kinds of experiences, sometimes not so pleasant. But without a doubt, seen in perspective, we keep all the positives and all the beautiful things we have lived.

This journey would have been impossible without you

To you, who, despite living in the other part of Spain or the world contacted us to photograph your wedding and to you, who as a wedding photographer joined one of our workshops to become a better wedding photographer, we want to give you the biggest hug. You have made our dreams come true and you have been part of each of our experiences. We certainly don’t want to forget our dear photographic community, but we would like to thank all our couples from the bottom of our hearts. They are the only heroes of this story and they have had the courage to get married when sometimes the conditions were not favourable and everything was against them. All of you have given us the opportunity to grow not only as people but also as professionals and we will never forget

2021  has been a crazy adventure

Our career as a wedding photographer has always been linked to travelling around the world. Today more than ever, travelling is an adventure that can be frustrating at times. Nevertheless, we have been lucky enough to revisit countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Colombia and Mexico. Not only photographing amazing weddings, but also giving workshops or even taking a short holiday to try to relax, although strangely enough the opposite happened, hahaha. Despite all these limitations we never took a step back, each trip brought us new experiences that we will never forget.

We are Eternally grateful for being surrounded by great friends & family

It may seem too obvious, but it would have been impossible to walk this path without the people who have accompanied us and helped us at every moment. Especially to our families, to Erika’s parents, to my parents, to our siblings. And of course, to all our friends who have supported and comforted us throughout this year. Thanks Belén Lopez, Alberto Roldan, Javier Rojas, Israel Luri, Marie from Ama Conceils, the whole Dreambookspro team, Citlalli Rico, Tino Soriano, Angel de Castro, Jay Doherty, Franck Boutonnet, Rocio Vega, Fabio Mirulla, Christian Cardona, Juyá Gentil, Axel, Julián Barreto, Jorge Romero, TAE from be here project, Giuseppe Genovese, Guille and Marta from Ensu Video, Carol Guzik, Natan Sans, Lali Cabani, Toni Segui, Marcos Rama, Natalia de Ligüerre, Víctor Linares, Pablo Laguia, Serafín Castillo, Santiago Cayuela, Alfredo from Foto Ruano, Iñaki Lungarán ,Victor Martí and all Patreons followers. All of them have not only been part of our personal life but have also been a great help in our life as wedding photographers. Always in our hearts.

Víctor, Erika & Leo


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