Vanessa & Jakob | Castell de Tamarit wedding

It´s time to show our next wedding story. It happened at a small castle in front of the Mediterranean Sea in the region of Tarragona.

When Vanessa and Jakob contacted and told us they are getting married at Castell de Tamarit, we were really excited. We´ve never visited The Castell of Tamarit before, it was our first time, Yes!!

The main characters of this beautiful love story are, my dear Vanessa & Jakob, a Spanish/Polish couple who is living in Berlin and they decided to organize their wedding destination in a location close to the Mediterranean Sea and at the same time close to Barcelona. Without doubts,  Castell de Tamarit was the perfect choice.

We loved the naturalness that surrounded the wedding. Being a wedding with people around the world, everything was so natural.. It was as everyone had the freedom to do what they wanted and how they wanted. The couple also treated us as their guests every moment, being participant with them throughout the day.

It´s always a challenge to photograph a wedding, but weddings like this, is still more. The couple set no rules for us and gave us the chance to work freely to be absorbed by the atmosphere.

We´d like to thank to this lovely couple for giving us the opportunity to live an incredible experience at their wedding that I will never forget. Fearless couple, funny guests, amazing wedding venue… Perfect wedding! 😉

Photos : Erika Biarnés & Víctor Lax


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