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I love my job. It´s wonderful to photograph weddings in so many different places in a short space of time. Although I had visited Zurich a few times, this was a really special one, ;). When I received Adriana & Filip ´s email it was a great joy for me that they had chosen Zurich as the framework for their wedding. Also, they decided to celebrate their wedding in one of the most historic and popular Hotel in Zurich called Atlantis By Giardino. This hotel is on the top of the city and you can imagine the views from the rooftop. Take a walk inside of Atlantis by Giardino is the same to remember the history of Zurich from the last 20 years.

The main characters of this beautiful love story are, my dear Adriana & Filip, a Spanish/Serbian couple who is living in Zurich and they decided to organize a really big party to celebrate they are totally madly in love. In fact, I am using the word “party” and not “wedding”, because Adriana from her first email She always told me that they aren´t interested in organize a wedding…The wedding was a big excuse for organizing a big party with family and friends,hahaha!

We loved the naturalness that surrounded the wedding. Being a wedding with people around the world, everything was so natural.. It was as everyone had the freedom to do what they wanted and how they wanted. The couple also treated us as their guests every moment, being participant with them throughout the day.

It seems common to say that a wedding is wonderful, but this one, simply was amazing, not just for decoration, which was spectacular, not only for the ceremony, which was unique and emotional, not only for the place, the Atlantis by Giardino showed us their finery, but for a lovely couple and families that will always have a place in my heart.

There are moments in life that you would never change for anything in the world. Photographing Adriana & Filip´s wedding at Atlatis by Giardino in Zurich was one of them.

Enjoy with our selection;

Photos : Erika Biarnés & Víctor Lax

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