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Claudia & Vincenzo | Puglia wedding

Destination wedding in Puglia. I often tell Erika that Italy is like our second home. It is probably the country we have visited the most and it may seem a bit presumptuous to say that we know Italy quite well. We have not only visited Italy for weddings but it …

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Charlène & Diede | Kasteel van Leeuwergem | Belgium wedding

Our dream came true, we photographed our first wedding in Belgium! During the last few years, Erika and I have photographed many Belgian couples in our country. Most of them had chosen Mallorca for their wedding. So when Charlène and Diede contacted us to ask us to photograph their wedding in Belgium, …

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Adriana & Filip | Atlantis by Giardino | Zurich wedding

I love my job. It´s wonderful to photograph weddings in so many different places in a short space of time. Although I had visited Zurich a few times, this was a really special one, ;). When I received Adriana and Filip´s email it was a great joy for me that …

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Jonathan + Louise / Antequera wedding

Since I first began exchanging emails with Jonathan & Louise, I could see that I was with a couple who really loved my country. Both from Dubai organized a really wonderful wedding that I feel really lucky to have been chosen photographer to capture those moments. Jonathan & Louise decided …

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Ann + Moe . Bonifacio´s San Carlos, Mexico. Wedding day

Bien, empecemos por el principio… puede sonar demasiado fácil pero conocí a Ann & Moe por el mero fruto del destino o quizás mejor, por el propio fotógrafo de su boda, Fer Juaristi. No os voy a entretener mucho pero para quien no conozca todavía al Sr. Juaristi puedo decir …

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