Best of 2018!

Who said being a wedding photographer is easy?!?

When we look back and remember what it was last year, we can´t stop smiling and at the same time think how we have had time to do so many things. Very often I tell Erika that we are living two lives in one. It is obvious that one year has 365 days, but  we can say that 2018 had 730 days for us, hahaha!.

In 2018 we were lucky to photograph a lot of incredible weddings (and organize a few more weddings with our second brand), visit 14 countries (some of them about 4 times as is the case in Italy), are invited to a really nice conferences around the world and also give a lot of workshops. And if all this we add a move to a new house and the launch of our new website for sure many of you are going to think that definitely a year for us has 730 days, hahaha !. (If I tell you that I also broke my tailbone twice in less than 4 months I’m sure you do not believe me anymore, right?)

Photographing a lot of weddings has been an adventure, not only have we traveled through Spain from end to end, but we also visit different countries such as Switzerland, Slovakia or Cyprus where we photograph weddings that we will never forget. We love photographing weddings in Spain, but of course, when a couple from another country proposes to be their photographer, a feeling of immense happiness runs through our entire body. Of course, we can´t forget our dearest Balearic Islands, especially Mallorca, our favorite island. Every wedding there is always unique! .

We started the year visiting one of the most important conferences in the USA and we ended up visiting in less than a week the most recognized conferences in India and Brazil, crazy! Of all of them we take the best, difficult to choose our favorite,  although it is true that we always carry in our hearts the visit to Tuscany and the workshop organized by our friend Fabio Mirulla (Acme) with some of the best Italian wedding photographers.

It has not been easy to create a selection that perfectly describes all the experiences we lived the last year, so when we created this gallery with our Best of 2018, we decided to choose the photos that most impressed us and that had our soul. It is not a selection of our best photos, this is a selection of our favorite ones.

Erika and I want to thank all the friends and family who have supported us throughout the year. From great colleagues who helped us to photograph some of our weddings (Franck Boutonnet, Sanne de Block, Víctor Linares, Javier Rojas & Carlos Santanatalia, we love you!) to big companies like Colorex that made our work shine more than ever.

Thank you friends, 2019 is here and we are going to try to make this a great year!

Photos; Erika Biarnés & Víctor Lax

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