Yannick & James | Belmond La Residencia | Castell Son Claret | Mallorca wedding

There are moments in life that you would never change for anything in the world. Photographing Yannick and Jame´s  wedding at Castell Son Claret in Mallorca was one of them. Of course, I am sure that the Balearic spirit took control of this couple and all their guests and captivated them. This was one of the most incredible and intense weekends that Erika and I have ever lived this wedding season.

From the beginning, Yannick and all the bridal team were getting ready at Belmond La Residencia, one of the coolest hotel in Mallorca. Belmond La Residencia is located in Deia, in the most impressive side of Mallorca and the views of the Yannick´s Suite were amazing; The Mediterranean Sea and Deia… No words.  Meanwhile, in the other part of the Island,  at Castell Son Claret, James and his best friends were getting ready and spending really funny moments.  Erika and I, decided to photograph each one of them for separate and don´t miss anything, 😉

The day started perfectly and Yannick was marvelous. The incredible Elie Saab  wedding dress was perfect for her (Yannick had two wedding dresses,hahaha) , It only added more and more ingredients to have a perfect day

It seems common to say that a wedding is wonderful, but this one, simply was amazing, not just for decoration, which was spectacular, not only for the ceremony, which was unique and emotional, not only for the place, Belmond La Residencia & Castell Son Claret showed us their finery, but for a lovely couple and  families that will always have a place in my heart.

Also, as every year  we had a very special guests at our weddings. This time was our friend Franck Boutonnet, one of my best friends and best photographers I know in the world. Was a pleasure for me and Erika, learn a lot from him.

We took the best of them and especially of all those people with whom we met throughout the weekend and made this wedding a memorable one. I´d like to highlight the presence and dedication of Charlotte from Magicmed and her wedding planning team who were so helpful, professional and fantastic. And also Annika Fredriksson, who did an excellent job at making the bride and the bride maids shined. Stefan Hollenberg, who created an enchanting atmosphere when he lighted up the dance floor.

Erika and I, are very happy to show you this amazing Mallorca wedding, enjoy!

Photos; Erika Biarnés, Victor Lax & Franck Boutonnet


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