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Mallorca is one of the destinations we visit the most during the wedding season, we almost live there! However, each wedding is different and we always take something new from each of our couples. In addition, thanks to the wedding reportages in Mallorca, I have been awarded several prizes throughout my career, so it is a destination that I keep with great affection. We never tire of coming back!
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MallorcaWedding Photographers

Jess & Cons | Castell de Bendinat, Mallorca.

A Gorgeous destination wedding at Castell de Bendinat in Mallorca. It’s time to show you a super beautiful wedding that Erika and I photographed at Castell de Bendinat in Mallorca.  Jess & Cons, a lovely Filipino-German couple chose Mallorca as the venue for their wedding. Choosing Mallorca was not a …

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Fearless Photographer of the Year 2019

Still slightly shell shocked after being named Fearless Photographer of the Year.  This recognition of Fearless has been the culmination of a great year that I will never forget. A year of great experiences and emotions. Fearless Photographer is a unique wedding photography directory of the world´s best wedding photographers …

MallorcaWedding Photographers

Getting Married in Mallorca – How to find the best wedding venue.

If you are thinking about getting married in Mallorca,  we would love to help you to find the perfect wedding venue. Thanks to our experience, you will have at your fingertips the best mallorca wedding venues, where we´ve been photographed some of the best weddings in our career. Mallorca has …

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Gabby & Ed | Castillo de San Carlos | Mallorca wedding

It´s time for another Mallorca wedding at Castillo de San Carlos. The true is that I don´t know how to start to talk about this amazing wedding in Mallorca.  But this amazing storie started with my dearest Alannah, the sister of the bride.  She contacted me a lot of months …

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Yannick & James | Belmond La Residencia | Castell Son Claret | Mallorca wedding

There are moments in life that you would never change for anything in the world. Photographing Yannick and Jame´s  wedding at Castell Son Claret in Mallorca was one of them. Of course, I am sure that the Balearic spirit took control of this couple and all their guests and captivated them. …

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Lia & Harry | Cap Rocat | Mallorca wedding

Mallorca is magic! We really love it!! I´d like to show you one of my latest reports. They are Lia & Harry. A lovely Taiwanese-British couple who gave us one of the most intense weddings of this summer.

MallorcaWedding Photographers

Jennifer & Sébastien | Cap Rocat | Mallorca wedding

Photographing a destination wedding in Mallorca is more than a normal wedding.It´s a unique experience. The atmosphere that invades the couple and the wedding guests, surrounds you and makes you participate in each of the moments you are photographing. It’s fantastic.

MallorcaWedding Photographers

Fearless phototographer of the year 2016

Oh wow!! I can´t believe it, Fearless Photographer of the Year! It’s amazing. I am really proud to receive such an important prize. This is the result of a great year of work and I have been lucky enough to photograph stunning couples. They are the real winners of this …

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Melissa & Douwe | Son Marroig | Mallorca wedding

Photographing a destination wedding in Mallorca is a real experience. I can assure you that the work becomes a pleasure and the atmosphere that invades the couple and the wedding guests, surrounds you and makes you participate in each of the moments you are photographing. It’s unique.

Wedding reportages in Mallorca

The Balearic air attracts many tourists from all over the world, but also many couples that we had the pleasure of photographing. The island creates ever more unforgettable memories that we capture, as we know that being a wedding photographer in Mallorca is not just about that. We make sure that all the energy and happiness of that unique and special day is captured in an indelible memory.

The weddings we have attended in Palma de Mallorca have been some of the most intense and most memorable. We have met couples from all over the world who come to this corner of Spain to express their love in incredible places like Castell de Bendinat. Jess and Cons made their special day special for all their guests, including us.

Another wonderful wedding in Mallorca was that of Gabby and Ed, who made us feel part of a fairy tale: not only because of their love for each other, but also because of all the elements that surrounded them. From the Castillo de San Carlos, where they got married, to Gabby’s dress, which made her look like a princess. 

One of the estates we visited the most was Castell Son Claret where Yannick and James got married, combining the experience at Belmond La Residencia hotel, two wonderful places. Cap Rocat is another of the venues we visit the most and we never tire of returning there. A place with its own charm and perfect lighting to achieve a dream session!

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Wedding photography in Mallorca

We never tire of visiting Mallorca: it is one of our most chosen destinations and yet we still have many destinations to visit. For example, the estate La Fortaleza, where we could photograph beautiful moments. 

Being in charge of wedding photography in Mallorca fills us with pride, especially when we meet such wonderful couples from almost anywhere in the world, proving once again that love has no borders.

That’s also why I couldn’t be more grateful to have received the Fearless Photographer of the Year award 4 years in a row (2016-2019). This wouldn’t be possible without our protagonist couples who manage to transmit all the magic inside them for us to capture it. Eternally grateful!

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