Lucía & Javier | Ligüerre de Cinca

It´s time to show you our next wedding story. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Ligüerre is really special for us, we got married there just 4 years ago, so you can imagine how we are in love with this place. But, this is no the time for talking about our wedding, hahaha!, its time for our friends Lucía & Javier, the main characters of this beautiful love storie.

They are from Madrid and they are living in London, but they decided to organize their wedding and move all their guests to Ligüerre because they wanted to enjoy with everybody for a few days. Yes!, it was a three days wedding and everyone had the freedom to do what they wanted to. In fact, we were in shock when the first day (the day before wedding), we noticed the alcohol beverages were free for everybody, 24hrs/3days, hahaha!, top!

Erika and I, enjoyed a lot photographing this wedding, was super intense, crazy and at the same time very cool and romantic (we cannot forget the Lucia´s wedding dress designed by Beba´s closet, it was amazing)

It´s always a challenge to document a wedding, but weddings like this, is still more. The couple set no rules for us and gave us the chance to work freely to be absorbed by the atmosphere.

I´d like to say thanks to this lovely couple for giving us the opportunity to live an incredible experience at their wedding that we will never forget. Also, we want to say thanks to all Ligüerre Staff for helping us during the whole weekend, without you It wouldn’t have been possible to photograph this amazing storie.

 We can´t forget Sanne de Block for helping us to photograph this wedding, (it was a pleasure Sanne!!).

Hope you enjoy with our selection;

Photos; Erika Biarnés, Sanne de Block and Víctor Lax

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