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As wedding photographers, we receive daily opportunities to travel to different parts of Spain and the world to help create memories of this special day. We have visited a wide variety of places, attended original and unique weddings with completely different landscapes, but one of our favorite destinations is the Pyrenees.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Pyrenees, contact us, tell us what you have in mind, and don’t worry about anything else. We will ensure that your special day is captured for you to remember in every detail.

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Eric & Luis | Ligüerre de Cinca | Same sex wedding

It´s time to show you our next same sex wedding. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees. This Canadian-Spanish couple is living in Canada, but we decided to move to Spain for getting married in one of the coolest wedding venues in my country, …

PyreneesWedding Photographers

Lucía & Javier | Ligüerre de Cinca

It´s time to show you our next wedding story. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees. Ligüerre is really special for us, we got married there just 4 years ago, so you can imagine how we are in love with this place. But, …

PyreneesWedding Photographers

Raquel & Raúl | Balneario de Panticosa

For a long time, We were super interested in visiting Balneario de Panticosa for covering a wedding and never before we been lucky to do it because normally our calendar was busy. When Raquel and Raúl contacted us, we were very happy to know that we would have the chance …

PyreneesWedding Photographers

Susana & Fabián | Ligüerre de Cinca | Pirineo Aragonés

Aquella lluviosa tarde en la que me planté en mitad de las Ramblas de Barcelona esperando a una pareja con unos cuantos books bajo un brazo y en el otro un paraguas comprado a toda prisa en el primer chino que encontré, no podía ni imaginar la pareja que iba …

Wedding photographer in the Pyrenees

There’s nothing like a mountainous landscape and great company to make your wedding a dream come true. If you want to get away from typical wedding destinations, the Pyrenees might be the option for you. We have been lucky enough to visit them as photographers on a couple of occasions, and there’s a truly unique atmosphere among the mountain ranges. If you still have doubts, here are some of the places we have visited as wedding photographers in the Pyrenees.

Ligüerre de Cinca

One of the places that many couples choose for their wedding in the Pyrenees is Ligüerre de Cinca. From the resort to the El Grado reservoir, passing through the village streets, it’s a town with unmatched charm. Blending the rustic and classic style of the village with its cobbled streets, the resort and the Pedanía show the most modern side where you can celebrate your wedding sheltered from the frequent rains. If you want to enjoy the highest quality with the best views, Ligüerre de Cinca is the place you should choose for your wedding in the Pyrenees.

Panticosa Spa

If you’re a fan of skiing and want to give your guests a unique experience, Panticosa spa is the perfect place for you. From all the relaxation a spa can offer to the fun of a skiing weekend, in Panticosa you won’t feel like anything is missing, and we could confirm this with Raquel and Raúl. Besides the beautiful setting, we were able to enjoy an unforgettable wedding.

Don’t think twice and schedule an appointment with us. We’ll be your wedding photographers in the Pyrenees, and you can preserve your day in the most vivid way.

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