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Something we are very clear about is that love knows no boundaries or gender. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you love ! What matters is that you want to share it with your loved ones and enjoy an unforgettable day without fear, surrounded by people who accept you just as you are.

Both Erika and I specialize in capturing love, reflecting the purest emotions without questioning who expresses them. We just enjoy those moments and feel grateful for being chosen as photographers for your gay wedding.

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Fearless Photographer of the Year 2019

Still slightly shell shocked after being named Fearless Photographer of the Year.  This recognition of Fearless has been the culmination of a great year that I will never forget. A year of great experiences and emotions. Fearless Photographer is a unique wedding photography directory of the world´s best wedding photographers …

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Eric & Luis | Ligüerre de Cinca | Same sex wedding

It´s time to show you our next same sex wedding. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees. This Canadian-Spanish couple is living in Canada, but we decided to move to Spain for getting married in one of the coolest wedding venues in my country, …

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Ramón & Víctor | Pazo de San Damián | Boda en Ourense

De todos los momentos que tuve la suerte de poder vivir en primera persona en la boda de Víctor & Ramón, sin duda fue el inmenso speech que Ramón realizó para todos los privilegiados que asistimos a su boda. Fue realmente enorme. Seguramente todos tardaremos mucho tiempo en olvidarlas.

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Craig + Joel | Villa Catalina | Sitges wedding

Mi esposa y yo solemos disfrutar de nuestro tiempo libre en un pueblecito costero cercano a Sitges siempre que nuestra agenda lo permite. Nuestros paseos por toda su costa han estado siempre ahí desde el principio de nuestra relación por eso al recibir la propuesta de Craig & Joel y …

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Pablo + Andrés. Love & Craziness

La noche anterior me costó conciliar el sueño, todavía faltaban unas cuantas horas para llegar a casa de Pablo pero mi cabeza empezaba a hilvanar lo que quería fotografiar al día siguiente. Tenía claro muchas cosas, la primera obtener como fuese con mis fotos el amor y pasión que desprendía …

Best same-sex wedding report

Some of the same-sex wedding photo shoots we have shot have been in wonderful locations, and the resulting photographs were dreamy.

One of our favorite weddings was that of Eric and Luis, through which I received the Fearless Photographer award in 2019. A memorable experience with an incredible couple who made their wedding day an unforgettable day for everyone involved.

Andrés and Pablo brightened up our lives in an unexpected way, and their wedding coverage reflects all the love and passion they have for each other are beautifully reflected. Craig and Joel afforded us the privilege of photographing their wedding in Sitges, at Villa Catalina, a marvelous place that I highly recommend visiting. Tears, celebration, and, above all lots of love from all the guests. Ramón and Víctor also discovered us a place worth visiting, the Pazo de San Damián, with simple but fun decorations. They allowed us to be part of their special day, capturing every moment until not a soul was left standing.

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