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As wedding photographers, every time we are contacted to shoot a photographic report outside of Spain, we can’t help but get excited about exploring new countries, their traditions, and their way of celebrating weddings.

Wherever you want to celebrate your wedding, we will accompany you and ensure that this special day remains in your memory in the best possible way. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us, and we will address them without obligation.

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Tuisha & Gaurav | Indian wedding | Da nang | Vietnam

Indian Destination wedding in Vietnam. It may seem predictable, but if someone had told me at that first wedding I photographed that years later I would have the opportunity to photograph a Hindu wedding in Vietnam I would not have believed it. Let’s start telling this beautiful story from the …

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When Tuisha and Gaurav contacted us to photograph their wedding in Vietnam, we didn’t hesitate. We had never visited this country before, so it was the perfect opportunity to do so. Additionally, this unexpected journey wouldn’t be a wedding like the ones we were accustomed to. Instead, we would be attending our first Hindu wedding.

An important aspect to mention about Hindu weddings is that they are not just a single day of celebration but last up to 4 days, during which we should be attentive and capture the best moments. The wedding began with a typical party where the families of the couple welcomed the rest of the guests. The second day, known as Haldi, is one of the most important, when the traditional religious ritual left us amazed.

The third day is an event reserved for the male members of the wedding, the Baraat, where we enjoyed an endless celebration leading to the final ceremony: the true celebration of the wedding. The bride and groom looked spectacular, and the party that ended these wonderful 4 days was certainly memorable.

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It was an unforgettable experience, full of light, color, life, and above all, lots of love. We witnessed traditional Hindu dances in which all the guests participated. Not only that, but incredible fire and juggling shows that we could never have imagined at a wedding.

Do you want to celebrate your Hindu wedding anywhere in the world? Choose the best wedding photographers and you won’t regret it. We will make sure you remember your day, and each photograph will make you relive every moment as if you were there again.

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