Deborah & Michael | La Quinta de Jarama | Jewish wedding

What a unforgettable wedding Erika , Alberto & I, lived with our super cool friends Deborah & Michael at La Quinta de Jarama in Madrid!

Deborah from London and Michael from Madrid, bot of them full of love and really excited with their wedding. Perfect ingredientes for an amazing day!

I perfectly remember the first time I met Deborah and Michael, It was at a little coffee shop in London´s old town. I was nervous like it was the first wedding interview with a couple,hahaha!, Maybe because it was my first Jewish wedding, maybe It was my first interview in London, or maybe because Erika wasn´t with me…. I don´t know,hahaha!.

I was impressed with them!, Deborah and Michael was full of energy (and really good feelings)  when we described everything about their wedding.  They wanted to get married in La Quinta de Jarama in Madrid, a really cool wedding venue in the Spanish capital and they wanted to celebrate a Jewish wedding with their families and best friends and of course Deborah and Michael  wanted to organize something more than wedding, they wanted to celebrate a big weekend party/celebration with people from around the world.

There were incredible moments during the whole day that I will never forget; The Ketubah signing with Michael and his most important relatives (was super, full of emotion and candid moments !!!), The Chuppah where we  not only photographed the Jewish traditios, but also all the emotions and feelings of Michael and Deborah. And finally I can´t forget the Hora dance tradition…. Oh my God!, I was impressed with the totally crazy party time,hahaha!, It was top!.

Also, as every year Erika and I, had a very special guest. Our friend Alberto Roldan wanted to join in this wedding and enjoying at maximum.  Finally, I have to say thanks to Eric from Bosseto Events for organizing and decorate everything soo well!, Every time  we work with him is better and better. Can´t wait for the next time!! 😉

I´d like to thank to this lovely couple for giving me the opportunity to photograph an incredible experience at their Jewish wedding at La Quinta de Jarama that I will never forget

Photos; Erika & Victor and Alberto Roldan

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