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As a wedding photographer, I am particularly used to covering traditional Christian weddings. Even those held civilly often closely resemble these traditions. However, there are as many types of weddings as there are individuals, and as many traditions as there are religions. That’s why, whenever I have the chance to explore something new, I dive right in without hesitation.

No matter the type of wedding you want to celebrate, always choose the best photographer to help you capture the memories of this special day as it deserves.

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Deborah & Michael | La Quinta de Jarama | Jewish wedding

What a unforgettable wedding Erika , Alberto & I, lived with our super cool friends Deborah & Michael at La Quinta de Jarama in Madrid! Deborah from London and Michael from Madrid, bot of them full of love and really excited with their wedding. Perfect ingredientes for an amazing day!

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Although my experience is limited, thanks to Deborah and Michael, I could witness another type of wedding and capture their traditions with my camera. I am truly grateful to them! They chose to have their wedding at La Quinta de Jarama, an estate in Madrid with everything they could need for a weekend-long celebration. This wasn’t just a one-day event, but they brought all their relatives to the capital so they could enjoy a whole weekend.

The celebration began with the signing of the Ketubah, the marriage contract that marks the first step in the ceremony. This was followed by the Chuppah ceremony, the canopy under which the marriage is solidified and where Jewish traditions take place, such as the breaking of the glass by the groom. All of this culminated in the Hora dance, something you might have seen in films, but in person is much more impressive and fun.

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