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Often, when we imagine our wedding, we dream of idyllic landscapes, whether on the beach or in the mountains. However, a wedding in the heart of the city can make all your dreams come true. Sometimes our clients call us, even without a fixed venue for their wedding, uncertain about how the photos will turn out. But we always guarantee the best results in any location.

One of these locations is often Madrid, and it’s not a city where people typically imagine big weddings. The reality is that there are plenty of places in the capital that will make your special day seem like it’s taken from a fairy tale. Don’t hesitate any longer: contact us and I’ll be your wedding photographer in Madrid, the results will surprise you.

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Deborah & Michael | La Quinta de Jarama | Jewish wedding

What a unforgettable wedding Erika , Alberto & I, lived with our super cool friends Deborah & Michael at La Quinta de Jarama in Madrid! Deborah from London and Michael from Madrid, bot of them full of love and really excited with their wedding. Perfect ingredientes for an amazing day!

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Adela & Juan | Finca El Chaparral | Madrid

What a great wedding Erika & I, lived with our super cool friends Adela & Juan at El Chaparral in Madrid! Model, Artist, Both Venezuelan, full of love and really exited with their wedding. Perfect ingredientes for an amazing day!

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Although great scenery and flashy decorations can make the photographs more memorable, a good photographer doesn’t necessarily need them to create an excellent photo story. Just by capturing the love and excitement of the protagonists, the photo album will be unforgettable. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite places as a wedding photographer in Madrid.

La Quinta de Jarama

A truly unique venue that we had the opportunity to visit thanks to Deborah and Michael. This estate with a spacious hall offers you the chance to create your own party, both indoors and in the outdoor garden. Completely tailored to your preferences, with decorations of your choice to make your special day unforgettable for both you and your guests.

As a wedding photographer in Madrid, this was one of those experiences I treasure fondly.

Finca el Chaparral

If you’re looking for a wedding with class, you should check out Finca El Chaparral. We discovered this wonderful place thanks to our Venezuelan friends Adela and Juan, and we will be forever grateful.

You can enjoy vast gardens, a more traditional exterior, and a modern, lively interior design.

These are some of our favorite places in the capital, but there are many more with different styles that can be adapted to the type of wedding you’re seeking. Whatever the venue, trust Victor Lax as your wedding photographer in Madrid!

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