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Why would we tell you about it if you can see it with your own eyes? When they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, there’s a reason. So, before we explain how we do our wedding photo shoots, it’s best that you check them out:

MallorcaWedding Photographers

Getting Married in Mallorca – How to find the best wedding venue.

If you are thinking about getting married in Mallorca,  we would love to help you to find the perfect wedding venue. Thanks to our experience, you will have at your fingertips the best mallorca wedding venues, where we´ve been photographed some of the best weddings in our career. Mallorca has …

South FranceWedding Photographers

Andrea & Bart | Village Castigno |France destination wedding

It´s time for  antoher destination wedding!, Its time to visit Village Castigno! The main characters of this beautiful love story are, our dear Andrea & Bart, an Ecuadorian-Belgium couple who bring to us one of the most funny, emotional and intense weekend. It´s not easy to find words to describe …

MallorcaWedding Photographers

Gabby & Ed | Castillo de San Carlos | Mallorca wedding

It´s time for another Mallorca wedding at Castillo de San Carlos. The true is that I don´t know how to start to talk about this amazing wedding in Mallorca.  But this amazing storie started with my dearest Alannah, the sister of the bride.  She contacted me a lot of months …

PyreneesSame SexWedding Photographers

Eric & Luis | Ligüerre de Cinca | Same sex wedding

It´s time to show you our next same sex wedding. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees. This Canadian-Spanish couple is living in Canada, but we decided to move to Spain for getting married in one of the coolest wedding venues in my country, …

BarcelonaWedding Photographers

Lucía & Alberto | Santa Helena | Barcelona wedding

What a great wedding Erika & I, lived with our super cool friends Lucía & Alberto at Santa Helena in Barcelona! Doctor and nurse of one of the most popular Hospitals in Barcelona, full of love and really exited with their wedding. Perfect ingredients for an amazing day!, but before …

SevilleWedding Photographers

Fearless Photographer of the year 2018

Oh wow!! I can´t believe it, Fearless Photographer of the Year! It’s amazing. I am really proud to receive such an important prize (for the second time!!!). This is the result of a great year of work and I have been lucky enough to photograph stunning couples. They are the …

BarcelonaWedding Photographers

Kendall & Jeff | Almiral de la Font | Barcelona wedding

We are very happy to show you our last wedding we photographed a few weekends ago at Almiral de la Font, one of the coolest wedding venues in Barcelona. The main characters of this beautiful love story are, my dear Kendall & Jeff, an American couple who is living in …

BarcelonaWedding Photographers

Best of 2018!

Who said being a wedding photographer is easy?!? When we look back and remember what it was last year, we can´t stop smiling and at the same time think how we have had time to do so many things. Very often I tell Erika that we are living two lives …

PyreneesWedding Photographers

Lucía & Javier | Ligüerre de Cinca

It´s time to show you our next wedding story. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees. Ligüerre is really special for us, we got married there just 4 years ago, so you can imagine how we are in love with this place. But, …

Wedding photo shoots on another level

We always want to go one step further. To bring another look and essence to weddings. We like to give our personal approach to each snapshot and the very best thing is that year after year you keep trusting us to make the wedding photo shoot of your dreams. 

We don’t mind where, in fact, we have always loved to travel and join you on your adventure: We aim to tell your story, to see, feel and capture the essence of your celebration, wherever you do it.

Knowing how to shoot a wedding is not just about pressing a button. Capturing the beauty of the moment also depends on the eyes that look at it behind a lens and ours are used to looking for that magical moment.

Choose where you want to get married and we will be there

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Original wedding photo shoots

In addition to taking photos of the celebration, we can also take the most original wedding photo shoots. We go wherever the imagination takes us, if you want to join us, maybe your wedding photos will go further.

We are proud to have won many awards and to be among the best wedding photographers in Spain and the world, and we want to continue to be so! If you want a unique wedding photo shoot, contact us without obligation and share your story with us.

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